Tempest Painting

The children have been using powder paints this morning to create a stormy background. They have worked very hard and have created some excellent art work. Here are some photos of the children working hard:

Toy Story

This week we have started our toy topic with a describing game. We were given a character which we had to describe to our partner without saying their name. Our partner had to draw the character we were describing and guess who it was.

This was really tricky to begin with but once we got the hang of it we were fantastic at thinking about which adjectives we should use.

We then watched the video below and thought about verbs. We came up with sentences such as…

“The soldiers slide down the rope.”

“The army men march through the hall.”

“The army men creep into the pot.”

View on YouTube

What is a verb? Comment below with a sentence which uses a powerful verb to describe what the soldiers are doing for extra learning log points.

Christmas Party Day! ??

We have had a fantastic Christmas party day today! We started off with some party games in our classrooms. Then we had a visit from Father Christmas! It was so exciting! He gave us presents and we have taken them home with us tonight. After that we went to the hall to play party games with all of key stage one before we sat down to eat our amazing lunch! Thank you so much to all of the grown ups for sending in the party food, we were very full by the time we had finished.

After lunch Matthew the magician came to the school and we thought he was very clever and funny! Comment with your favourite trick that he did.


One Is a Snail Ten Is a Crab

This week we used the book below to help us work on our problem solving.

One is a snail, ten is a crab de International School Manila Elementary

Some of us found this really difficult to start with because we didn’t know the answer straight away. After a while we started to really enjoy finding different ways to make the numbers.
Here are some examples of how we made 16.
img_1903 img_1904
How many ways can you make 18 using the animals? Comment with your answer below for 5 house points!