Helping your child to read at home.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all at the Reading meeting orgainised for to discuss how the school teaches reading within our curriculum and how the children can best be supported when reading at home. These will be held at 8:45am until approximately 9:30am in the morning on the following dates :-

  • Ecton Brook Campus for Year 1 parents on Tuesday 7th November 2017
  • Ecton Brook Campus for Year 2 parents on Thursday 9th November 2017
  • Bellinge Campus for Year 1 and 2 parents on Thursday 16th November 201

For those parents unable to attend the meeting or if you wish to watch them again, we have uploaded the videos and links we will have shown you all during the meeting.

Web links

Nursery Rhyme Week

Today’s nursery rhyme is Hickory Dickory Dock. We started by exploring the song.

After exploring the nursery rhyme we had a think about telling the time and most of us can now tell the time to o clock.

We have also written about a typical school today using time words such as first, next last and after.

Our Five Senses

This week we have been thinking about our bodies and our 5 senses. We labeled ourselves and then we explored sight and how our eyes work. We thought about hearing and went on a hearing walk where we heard all sorts of things: violins, diggers, cars and trucks and even the wind in the trees.Throughout the week we will continue to learn about senses We will taste and smell a variety of things and explore touch and how we feel.

Counting in tens

This week in maths we have been learning about counting in tens. We started by looking at packets of chewits and found out that there were ten sweets in each pack. Then we thought about how many sweets we had if there were two packs of sweets. After this we had a look at numicon and tried to build tens numbers.

Here is a video that we have used to help us learn to count in tens

We sometimes find it really difficult to remember whether we should say ty or teen after a number, please help us to work on this at home. We have talked about the age of teenagers that we might know and how our teachers like to drink twenty cups of tea.


Last week we enjoyed thinking about the seasons and painting a tree to show each season.We impressed our teachers with our amazing independent skills by setting up the paints and tidying them away with very little help.

Art Club

The children who went to art club at the EB site today loved painting their own jellyfish. If you didn’t get to go this time don’t worry – you’ll get a chance to go another term.

Snakes and Ladders 🐍

We amazed our teachers with our subtilising skills today. Most of us were able to recognise dot patterns.

Some of us found snakes and ladders quite tricky, please help us to get better at board games by playing them at home with us! Add a picture of you playing a game to your learning log for extra points. It will really help with our maths!

Welcome to year 1!

Welcome to year one.

Yesterday a box appeared in our rooms with lots of interesting objects in. I wonder what this means?!? We had a fantastic day learning what a noun is and amazed our teachers with our writing. Can you find out what an adjective is ready for our next session?

Here are a few reminders

  • Don’t forget that you need to bring your reading record and reading book back every day.
  • Learning logs will come home this week, please hand them in on Monday if you have done any work in them. They will be marked and sent home and points will be added up at the end of term.
  • Please send PE kits into school. Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday on the EB site and Wednesday’s on BC. Remember to take your earrings out on this day if you cannot do them yourselves.